Final Fantasy V: Four Job Fiesta

The Dawn Warriors


To celebrate the launch of ThaaoNET, I've decided to also participate in the FF5FJF and chronicle my adventures here in a new play diary. Though like my other diaries, I'll write them with the fact in mind that some readers may not have played the game before. So sorry if it's a bit slow in the beginning~

FJF is an annual event in which FF5 players and fans participate together to raise money for Child's Play, a charity that benefits children in hospitals and domestic abuse shelters, powered by the gaming community. Donors can pledge money in various ways based on the players' participation, such as donating for every cleared run, etc. Players play through a self-imposed challenge run of FF5 in which Jobs are assigned by RNG, and other restrictions apply, to make the game more challenging and more interesting.

You can learn more and pledge or donate at the official Four Job Fiesta site. This will be my first year participating, and I haven't played this game in a looong time. So we'll see how it goes~

So thanks for coming, thanks for reading, and enjoy :O If you like the run and want to help some kids, go to the official site and donate or pledge~

  1. Final Fantasy V: Four Job Fiesta
  2. And We're Off!
  3. The Wind Shrine
  4. Punch a Lobster
  5. Eat the Poison!
  6. Cotton and Sticks Brigade
  7. Garula Isn't So Shy
  8. Set the Town on Fire!
  9. Books are Evil
  10. Mustache Paradise!
  11. What is Even Going On?
  12. Battle on the Big Bridge
  13. Hot Fuzzy-Faced Dad Brigade
  14. Going Overboard
  15. Destroy the Tower!
  16. The Mustache Legacy
  17. A Whole New World